Someone taught you

Someone taught you to take a specific kind of pleasure. Right? They told you in their veins, they said, I enjoy the Power. And you knew the deep teal fear, fluorescent and angular. How much purity can go into any one emotion? Apparently 99.99% can be managed in Fear. Licking the fingers of weaponized honour you were raised up from the wayside and suddenly you were grave in nature. “I didn’t feel a thing,” speaking about just now. And you are thin, too. Flailing flakes of flame like snow all around you, bursting into bites at oxygen. Oh, but you Are, aren’t you. You’re just as high on the pain you felt as you are on the aggression you now know, to go back and get it. So that you may give it to others, just like it was given to you. 

We’re fighting. 

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Posted on Tuesday, 15 May
Tagged as: true story hatred camelights the spade that made you
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