waiting for something.

"I found this old tobacco tin today, in my Nana’s house when we were moving some things. It belonged to my Nono, and I didn’t really know him, right — ‘cause he died when I was One. I think I was One— anyway I wanted to show you it - I thought you might like it, it’s such a neat little thing."

"… "

"See here where it says you need a coin to open it, look, there’s like a groove in the metal for a quarter to hinge it open. But it pops off pretty easily now, I think it’s great - it’s the kind of thing I’d keep my whole life, toss some cigarettes in once and a while… I’m so captured by it, I’ve never held such an authentic piece of nostalgia so close to home - like part of the family, kind of thing. Hhm."

"… "

"Even the colours feel old, they look almost sweet or kindly. Look - the baby blue cover’s all nicked up with the scraped edges and old resins from freshness badges. Didn’t even bother to paint the bottom, just left it a brushed tin. Says here it’s from England, haha. I wonder if he bought it here or in Malta. This thing makes me have so many questions for him, so many things I’d like to have seen about it - how he opened it, how he kept it - or how much tobacco he’d pull out at a time when he did. See him roll a cigarette, it would have been so fascinating.."

"… "

"Anyway, I just thought it’d be cool to show you this. Don’t you think it’s interesting…? Mmm.. Sometimes I forget. I guess when you want something to be part of your life so badly and you can’t have it, you sometimes forget that you don’t.. I would have wanted to show you this. I’ll hold onto it. Not for you, but, I know you’d think something of it if I ever did show you. It means a lot to me, having found a little piece of someone I didn’t get to know. Better than a photograph, sometimes." 

" …  ….   .. . "

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Posted on Sunday, 6 May
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