an indigo

I heard a theory once from someone whose mind was quite sharp. She told me there was a breed of child, a cosmic one - a generation of the universe. She said that they would be the igniters of things, of peace and gratitude. She said they were called indigos. Do you think that’s true?

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Posted on Friday, 27 April
Tagged as: an earnest question
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  1. barefacedz said: Do you think it’s a good thing? Is it good for the world or good for the child? To be born this way, is it a curse or a gift? I’ve seen contemplating suicide to living right or die. I’ve seen society nurture babies into killers. I guess it just is.
  2. rexxlikerawr answered: I have heard similar things, if not by that same name. And I believe it to be true.
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